Dixon Family Services is a community-based organization serving Dixon and the surrounding rural areas since 1984.  Our one-stop-shop of social services helps hundreds of people each year achieve goals such as employment, financial stability, improved nutrition, escape from domestic violence, sobriety, emotional wellness, positive parenting skills, safe and healthy homes and family cohesiveness.  Many are now active and giving members of this community.

UPDATED DFS Business Operations During Corona Virus

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Corona Virus Statement from Cookie Powell
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FOOD RESOURCES IN DIXON, English and Spanish
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_Stress Relief During Covid-19
_Stress Relief For Caregivers And Kids During Covid-19

Dixon Family Services August 2020 Update

As we continue to assist people who have been financially affected by the Corona Virus, it is clear that our organization has never been more vital to our community’s health and well-being. More and more families are asking for our help to find and navigate government and other benefits systems that they now need as a temporary solution to their economic difficulties. Parents we see have exhausted their savings, other resources and now need help with their most basic of needs like rent, utilities, food and other necessities. For many it is the first time they have to ask for help.
They ask themselves, “How will we pay the bills?”, “Will we become homeless if we can’t pay the rent?” and “How will we keep up with the increased consumption of food and supplies while our kids remain home from school?” There are many concerns keeping parents awake at night worrying about the safety and wellness of their families during this pandemic. Dixon Family Services is doing all we can to assist and connect people to basic needs resources they desperately need at this time.
With grants and donations Dixon Family Services created a program specific to Covid-19 that allows us to pay for a household’s rent and/or utility bills. DFS is providing many households with supplemental groceries and linking people with other resources of food and supplies at churches, schools, clinics and other locations. The WIC Program, co-located in the DFS building is serving pregnant moms and families with children through age 5 to purchase nutritious food. Also, the Food Bank still arrives in our parking lot each first and third Wednesday to distribute fresh produce and non-perishables to anyone who needs it. Our CalWORKs representative signs people up for Food Stamps and other County benefits, virtually at this time.
We are currently “open” Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. We are in the building but the doors are closed. People must call or email us in advance. We no longer have the option to serve “drop-in” clients. In-person interactions have been cut back to situations such as needed signatures on application forms, dropping off necessary documentation, or a scheduled pick-up of food, gas cards or other supplies.
We are doing assessments and providing resource referrals by phone. We stress that people can call or email us to start the helping process. We also emphasize leaving a message with a good number to call back. We will return calls ASAP. Messages left when we are closed will be retuned on our next open business day.
There are some guidelines and limits to funds we can access for paying bills resulting from Covid-19. If you know someone struggling please encourage them to call us and we will explain all details and start the helping process from there. Thank you.
Though we are in a very serious health and economic crisis, DFS staff morale remains positive. We are motivated by our ability to make a substantial difference in people’s lives. So far no one in the DFS “family” has come down with the virus and we are taking all precautions to keep ourselves and the public well and safe. We are following social distancing guidelines and wear masks during personal interactions.
We will remain open and helping at-risk families with our Basic Needs Program for as long as funding allows us the privilege to do so. We seek financial support from those who want to partner with us to help people who are struggling to survive this critical time of extreme uncertainty and anxiety. We need the support of our community now more than ever. We foresee the need for our support services to extend at least into the fall and winter and very probably, much longer.
Dixon Family Services acknowledges that we would not be able to do what we are doing at this critical time in history if it were not for some large contributors like Travis Credit Union, Genentech, United Way Bay Area, FEMA and The Solano Community Foundation. Individuals, local businesses and service organizations that donate are also very important to sustaining our good work. The DFS Food Pantry is supported by community donations of food and money that allow us to purchase staples from the Food Bank of Contra Costa/Solano at reasonable prices.
Currently donations to Dixon Family Services can be matched by Travis Credit Union Foundation through September 2020. If you’d like to see your contribution doubled you just have to go to www.TCUfund.org click on Donate Now and choose Donation Amount. At “I would like to support” there is a drop down list – click on Dixon Family Services. Please email or call DFS if you donate this way so we can add you to our list of 2020 donors and send you our thanks and a receipt for your tax purposes.
We appreciate you and Travis Credit Union Foundation for this great opportunity!!

We thank everyone who has donated and we encourage anyone that is able to donate to do so now while the needs are very high for many people. It takes many partners to improve lives in our community. Please consider joining us.

Dixon Family Services has a banner in front of the building with blue pinwheels spinning in the spring wind during the month of April as one way to remind people that April is Child Abuse Awareness Month and that there are things we can all do to reduce and prevent child abuse and neglect.
During these unusual times of the Coronavirus outbreak and “Shelter in Place” restrictions, unfortunately, we worry that there may be additional circumstances in homes that can trigger abusive behaviors.
Losses of jobs, financial stress, children and parents having to stay at home during times they would normally be in school or at work, being “on edge”/anxious about what comes next, increased consumption of alcoholic beverages and other substances, are just a few of the conditions we believe can initiate abusive environments in homes.
As a community we have a responsibility to nurture and protect our children and help ensure they become healthy and productive adults. Child abuse, in its many forms, happens every day and has major impacts on the futures of those victimized.
Studies show that there is a direct link between child abuse and a greater risk later in life of depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, smoking, eating disorders, obesity, sexual promiscuity, certain chronic diseases and suicide.
Dixon Family Services (DFS) is a community-based Family Resource Center and Counseling Center. Our non-profit organization does all it can to help ensure the safety and well-being of Dixon’s children all year long. With a special focus on low-income families with children, a priority goal is to reduce the incidences of child abuse or neglect by decreasing some basic needs worries and stressors parents increasingly face on a daily basis.
Child abuse knows no boundaries and is found in families of all socio-economic backgrounds and cuts across lines of ethnicity, culture, and education. There are a number of factors that can create increased risk of child abuse including lack of parenting skills, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, mental illness, poverty and substandard housing conditions, domestic violence, and a parent history of child abuse. These same risk factors are barriers to abusers’ acknowledgement of the problem and ability to seek programs/services intended to stop the abuse such as parenting classes, counseling or other approaches.
To learn more about child abuse, prevention and how to report and what you can do to help, go to www.partnersinprevention.org.
To learn more about Dixon Family Services, the programs we have that can reduce incidences of child abuse and neglect, visit www.dixonfamilyservices.org
If looking for a particular program that we do not provide, we will do our best to guide you to the right resources. Call us at 707 678-0442 and we will be happy to help. If you have a question we do not have the answer for, we will research and find answers and get back to you. Please, make the call. Do not hesitate to report what you think might be abusive behavior. Let professionals help you determine if your concerns are worth reporting to authorities. Others to call include local Police and Solano Child Welfare Services (800) 544-8696.

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Robert G Lee information: Comedy Night 2020 Robert G Lee

KUIC’s John Young announcement:


My name is Cookie Powell and I am the Executive Director of Dixon Family Services.  Thank you so much for your interest in our organization.

We have been providing needed services in this community since 1984 when we started with one program to support elementary school children exhibiting behavioral issues in school.

Over the years we have grown in our services as well as our target populations to include people of all ages, and there have been thousands of success stories.  Our one-stop-shop of human services programs continues to impact families and individuals in a positive way, helping people achieve goals such as employment, financial stability, self-sufficiency, sobriety, escape from domestic violence, positive parenting, family cohesiveness, and many are now active and productive members of our community.

This presentation will provide a brief overview of Dixon Family Services and it is our hope that you will want to become a partner in our mission to improve the quality of life for families and individuals in our diverse community.

Community Support is Essential to our Success.

Child Abuse and Neglect

Why Is Community Involvement Important?

National Child Abuse Prevention Month is an opportunity to share the importance of individuals and communities working together to keep families safe and healthy.  Everyone has a role to play in making sure that our community is a great place for children and families to thrive.

When the well-being of children and families becomes the priority of everyone in a community, child abuse and neglect will decrease.  All children deserve great childhoods and should be raised in healthy, nurturing homes, free from abuse and neglect.  Children who are raised in supportive, stable and nurturing environments are more likely to lead healthy and successful lives.


What Can You Do?

There is much work to do in educating families and professionals about child abuse/neglect and its profound effects.  We need to educate parents about parenting skills and to create an aware and involved public about issues related to child abuse.

You can take individual steps to ensure children are safe in your personal orbits and neighborhoods and you can also help by supporting organizations, such as Dixon Family Services, that have an overarching goal of preventing child abuse, neglect and other adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) with prevention, early intervention and treatment programs.

Dixon Family Services is dedicated to providing information and referral services to as many families as possible.  Increased knowledge in signs to look for, access to community resources, prevention of child abuse or neglect, how to report abuse, and breaking  terrible cycles of abuse are some of the positive results from our efforts.


Many Victims Suffer Lifelong Consequences

Children who have suffered from abuse and/or neglect are at a significant disadvantage in the areas of social, emotional, and academic development.  Victims are likely to exhibit at-risk behaviors in early childhood and adolescence.  Many will go on to become perpetrators themselves, often victimizing their own children.  Survivors of child abuse are also likely to have low self-esteem, become substance abusers, and have mental health problems including depression and posttraumatic stress disorder.

Many inmates in prison report that they were victims of abuse in their childhood.  It is our belief that an increase in knowledge and access to services can reduce child abuse, increase family stability, bring families closer to self-sufficiency, reduce crime and reduce the number of families in need of government benefits.


Risk Factors

Child abuse/neglect is found in families of all socio-economic backgrounds and cuts across lines of ethnicity, culture, and education.  There are a number of factors that can create increased risk of child abuse including lack of parenting skills, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, mental illness, poverty and substandard housing conditions, domestic violence, and a parent history of child abuse.  These same risk factors are barriers to abusers’ acknowledgement of the problem and ability to access help such as counseling, parenting classes or other approaches to help stop the abuse.


Resiliency Factors

Dixon Family Services is a one-stop shop of social services.  We have counselors that provide substance abuse prevention and treatment, mental health services for all ages, support groups, and referrals to other behavioral health agencies.  Our case management department provides support in basic needs, such as rental assistance, budgeting, employment development, food and other family strengthening supports.

As a Family Resource Center it is our policy to identify and support The Five Protective Factors: 1) parental resilience, 2) social connections, 3) knowledge of parenting and child development, 4) concrete support in times of need and 5) social and emotional development of children.

We have representatives from WIC (Women, Infants and Children), Medi-Cal, Covered California, Cal-Fresh (Food Stamps), Section 8, Cal-Works, Legal Services of Northern California, Safe Quest Solano, Solano Food Bank and others each week at Dixon Family Services to make it convenient for Dixon residents to access all services.



Dixon Family Services has a history of being very involved in the community with longstanding partnerships and collaborations.  We formed a community-wide collaboration of churches, clinics, school counseling, food programs, police, library, legal aid, domestic violence, nutrition-focused and Solano County Departments or agencies that can provide various types of human services to Dixon’s residents.  Meeting monthly, we each share about our programs and services that can be helpful to clients that we may have in common.  We also discuss needs, barriers, trends and possible solutions.

A release of information signed by people seeking help allows us to assist them in a more focused and substantial way by reaching out to and including our partners as part of the holistic approach to service delivery.


How Can We Make a Difference?

We continue to work with our partners to reduce incidences of child abuse and neglect.  We will seek out additional funding sources.  Additional funds will allow us to see more people with more in-depth services and to follow their cases for longer periods.  We want to meet families at their readiness levels and build from there.  Unrestricted funds are needed to serve the families who normally “fall between the cracks”, including the most vulnerable populations, people living at or below poverty, families living paycheck to paycheck as well as undocumented residents.

Child Abuse Knows No Boundaries

We Need To Be Unrestricted In Our Approach To Preventing It

Founded in 1984, Dixon Family Services programs have grown and changed
to fit the needs of this community

All Services Are Offered In English and Spanish

Levels of success are directly related to participant willingness to take steps in action plans

Current programs include:

  • Mental Health – Assessments, counseling and referrals
  • Family Basic Needs – Case management, action plan, employment development, job search, supplemental food, housing and utilities assistance, budgeting, parenting education, referrals to other helping agencies, all on case-by-case determination.
  • Substance Abuse Youth, Adults – AOD (alcohol and other drugs) classes, counseling and referrals
  • Food Pantry – Provides emergency food to anyone, supplemental groceries weekly to clients engaged in programs, Holiday Food Program in December
  • Internship Program – Supervision and field work placement provided to college students in Social Work, Human Services and other degree programs by experienced therapists and case managers. Diverse placement for young social workers to learn and fulfil fieldwork requirements to achieve degrees
  • Outstation for Multiple Government Programs – DFS building provides offices for WIC Program, Section 8, CalWORKs, Food Stamps, MediCal, Covered California, Food Bank Produce Truck, Legal Services of Northern California, SafeQuest Solano, Inc.
  • Continuum of Care Program Behavioral Health Assessments and Services, Peer Support Groups
  • Safety Net Services ProgramBasic Needs Assistance to Dixon residents


For more information:
Call 678-0442
Go to www.dixonfamilyservices.org
Dixon Family Services Facebook
Email info@dixonfamilyservices.org


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