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The mission of Dixon Family Services is to improve the quality of life for all families and individuals in our diverse community. Our intervention and support services are strengthened by cooperation with the schools, churches, businesses and the community.

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DFS Thanks Our Volunteers

Dixon Family Services thanks all the wonderful people who showed up on Saturday to spruce up our landscape. It took only two hours but each and every one of us was sweaty, sore and proud after the work we did. Representatives of Dixon LDS Church, Living Hope Church and the Community Church joined people representing the Community at Large and it was a beautiful coordination of Good People who care about our community.

Drive by some time and admire how much better our yards look. We do have a future plan to purchase some lantana plants and we will need a crew to dig holes for those. Let me know if you’d like to be part of that effort.

We may need to hold a fundraiser or ask for donors to be able to purchase the plants. DFS does not have it in our budget at this time.

Thank you SO MUCH!
Sincerely, Cookie Powell

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