Comedy Night 2019, After the Event Press Release


August 2019

Dear Editor

Comedy Night at the Olde Vet’s Hall was a huge success thanks to our generous community.  My heart is warmed by caring citizens who want to be a part of our mission to improve the lives of people living in Dixon.  Raising funds is vital to keeping Dixon Family Services’ doors open and there are many to thank for being supportive of those efforts.

Early indications are that we profited approximately $15,000 this year.  There are still some outstanding bills and also some sponsorship revenue still to come in so that number will likely increase.  We thank everyone who was any part of the effort to support Dixon Family Services in this event.


Funny man Milt Abel was very well received by the audience and his interactive conversations with the crowd caused a lot of laughter.

The warm and lovely Sheila McCabe as Master of Ceremonies did another great job making announcements and keeping the evening moving along.  It was her third year in a row volunteering her professional skills to DFS.

Early in the planning stages local businesses and individuals Walmart, Patty and Mark Richards, Dixon Wellness, Travis Credit Union, California Water Service, Coldwell Banker Kappel Gateway Realty, Altec Industries, Dixon Financial and Insurance Services, VFW Post 8151, First Northern Bank, SafeQuest Solano, Anna and Jerry Castañon, Martin’s Steel Works and Jim Lindley all pledged financial sponsorships to help the fundraising event get off to a good start.

Sponsorships of our placemats, ticket sales, auction/raffle and bake sale were also responsible for additional revenue generated at the event.  The people who attended Comedy Night 2019 opened their wallets and gave freely.

For lists of Comedy Night placemat sponsors, raffle prize donors and baked items you can visit the Dixon Family Services website.

We also owe a huge thank you to our long-time partners and supporters – Recology for the wonderful dinner, Bud and Cherie Fanning for the beautiful hall and Mike Hamilton and sons for the best BBQ tri-tip in town.


A special thank you to Angela Meisenheimer Faira Realty- she reserved      not one, but two tables.


Another special thank you goes to Jerry Castañon and Dr. Peter Timm        for providing the $200 cash door prize won by a young lady attending her      first Comedy Night.


The Dixon Family Services Board of Directors also functions as the Comedy Night Committee.  It takes a lot of planning and work both in the months leading up to the event and on the evening of the funniest fund raiser in town.  But the way they all pitch in and do the work makes it look simple and easy.  Trust me, it is just an illusion.

The Dixon Family Services Board Members are Sarah Villec, Mathew Swanson, Jack Caldwell, Jerry Castañon, Laura Ziegler, Donny Everhart, Patti Sousa and Ranay Singh.


The hard work, dedication and comradery of the Comedy Night Team made Comedy Night such a pleasure from start to finish.  We will begin work on the 2020 Comedy Night soon.  Anyone that would like to join our committee is encouraged to call (707) 678-0442 or email  Thank you.

What a fun and fulfilling way to celebrate 35 years of serving our community.  Since 1984 our “one-stop-shop” of social services has been providing basic human needs assistance to struggling families with young children.  Without intervention or support, parents are left to cope with the chaos of increased stress on their own, often leading to a crisis situation.


Participation in one or more of the programs offered in our building has helped thousands of people improve their lives.  They have achieved goals such as employment, financial stability, sobriety, emotional wellness, improved nutrition, positive parenting and family cohesiveness.

Many of these people are now active, productive and giving members of this community. 

WE COULD NOT DO ALL OF THIS WITHOUT COMMUNITY SUPPORT!! Our partners, donors, sponsors, volunteers and friends make up the “backbone” of this community-based organization.

On behalf of our dedicated and caring staff, our board of directors and especially the people we serve, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


Sincerely, Cookie Powell

Words from Cookie Powell at Comedy Night 2019

Hello Everyone

I hope you’re having a good time.

Thank you to every single one of you who are here tonight and there are many more to thank that are not here tonight.  I’ll leave it to our lovely Hostess, Sheila McCabe.  She has several lists of people to mention.

At this time in our program we usually tell you about some of the families (of course without mentioning names) we helped in the past year.  Some, including myself, have shared in person their own story of how DFS has been there for them when they needed help.

Tonight I want to talk about something that I have been reporting to our Board, the Staff and the Entire Community for many months.

Government funding of our family resource center is at an all-time low.

We currently have only 1 contract with Solano County Health and Social Services to provide case management to families with children ages 6 – 18.  And that does not even cover the number of those families who seek our help.

All else we do is dependent on a few things:

1) Foundation and Corporate charitable giving programs that we apply to each year and receive varying grants, Kaiser and Genentech are good examples.

There are numerous others that require lengthy proposals with lots of data to report and a lot of questions to answer.  Sometimes we get a yes, sometimes we do not.

2) Fundraising projects – such as Comedy Night and the Fall Mail Campaign and

3) YOU – The Community!

Generous financial contributions such as regularly donated checks and operating materials such as office supplies and food for the DFS pantry comes from local businesses, churches and community members who all believe in the good work we do.

Many people here tonight are long-time supporters and some have recently begun to partner with us to serve the community they live in.

Some of you have served as past board members, fund team members, staff members, or volunteers.  Some in the room are even from the founding board of directors of Dixon Family Services in 1984.

There are newly co-located organizations that share space in our building as a way to bring additional support to Dixon residents.  Safe Quest is just one example.   Ask them tonight or another day what they can do to help victims of domestic violence and other terrible things that happen.

Look at our DFS brochure to see what other organizations are under our roof for the convenience of people who live in Dixon.

You all understand why Dixon Family Services is vital to a healthy and safe Dixon.

You all do as much as you can to help us in our mission to improve lives.

Tonight I ask you to do more.  Tell other people about us.  Let them know DFS needs their help too.  Advocate for us.  We want to serve our community for another 35 years.

If you work for a company that has charitable giving – let me know.  We may already know about it, but we may not.

You can be very important in initiating a new partnership for DFS.

If you know public officials in City Government, County, State and/or Federal ask them how they can also give support to Dixon Family Services.  Explain to them why it is a need in their constituency districts.

As I mentioned before, sometimes it only takes one advocate to get a lasting relationship started with a new partner.

The bottom line is that we have support . . .

But we need more


There is one last thing I want to tell you about.

I’ve been working on the annual report for Dixon Family Services fiscal year 2018/2019.  It will soon be made public.

One of the things always listed in the report are the numbers of people we assisted from July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2019.  This is what I want you to hear-

Though we were understaffed, underfunded and our hours of operation was reduced we assisted as many and more people as we did in prior fiscal years in almost all areas of service.

That is because it’s who we are.  It’s what we do.  No matter how far we have to stretch ourselves and our resources.  Dixon Family Services Staff members are dedicated to helping those who ask for our help.  If we do not have what is needed, we do the research and find other helping organizations or churches that can help.

We continuously look for more organizations, churches and others that we can bring into a case plan to help a struggling family.

Helping people who are in need is in our blood and I am proud to be part of this organization for almost 25 years now.  DFS is in its 35th year of providing basic human resources to this community.

Thank you for being here

Thank you for believing in us

Continue to support us and help us find more support

Please read your programs.  There is more good stuff in there.

Let me know if you want to become a bigger part of helping the most vulnerable in our community.

The following are some of the announcement made at Comedy Night by our warm and lovely Master of Ceremonies, Sheila McCabe:
“Thank you to all of the following for the wonderful raffle prizes. We have over 50”

In-N-Out Burgers
Rockin Jump in Vacaville
Dixon Ace Hardware
Dixon Tribune, Sarah Villec
Ramtown Karate
Ramos Oil
Higby’s Country Feed
Chick Fil-A
Jack and Mary Lou Batchelor
Altec Industries
Dixon Wellness Collaborative
Kay and Russ Cayler
Tractor Supply
Fisk’s Cyclery
Dixon Financial & Insurance, The Everharts
Ana Sandoval
Sierra Ridge Wealth Mgmt., James Slaughter
Dutch Bros
Crocker Art Museum
Dawson’s Bar & Grill
Napa Auto Parts
Black Bear Diner Davis
Gilroy Gardens
Wooden Valley
Dixon Florist & Gifts
Brenden Theaters
Crocker Art Museum
Clip-N & Groom-N
Lucky Em’s Organic Nail Bar
Dynamic Healing Massage Therapy
Tires Les Schwab
Vacaville Ice Sports
Peppermill Reno
Woodland Opera House
B’s Gallery
Fenton’s Creamery
A Street Deli/ Frosty’s
5 Star Car Wash
California Railroad Museum
95.3 KUIC
Dixon Tire Pros
Algood Ink
Superior Farms
Travis Credit Union

Special thanks to Dr. Peter Timm and Jerry Castañon for providing $200 case for the door prize.

The following are some of the announcement made at Comedy Night by our warm and lovely Master of Ceremonies, Sheila McCabe:

“This year there are over 50 prizes to win with your raffle tickets so you better get enough to go in every bucket.  We will call the winners of the raffle prizes after the Comedy Show.  We hope everyone has a chance to win something.

All of the donors of the prizes are also supporting tonight’s success and you can see all of those donors on the yellow lists at each table.

Please patronize all of the Businesses who support Dixon Family Services and when you see the individual donors give them a pat on the back.

If you want to become a future supporter of this annual event you can leave your contact information with Cookie Powell or any of the Board Members here tonight.  The planning begins in January for this event and someone will call on you to ask how you want to be a part of Comedy Night 2020.

For those who didn’t have a chance to be a major sponsor, a placemat sponsor, a raffle prize donor or a dessert donor it is not too late to support Dixon Family Services.  They will accept your support all year long.  You can also donate with a credit card through the Dixon Family Services website

And we thank all of you for coming tonight to support Dixon Family Services”

The following are some of the announcement made at Comedy Night by our warm and lovely Master of Ceremonies, Sheila McCabe:

Many businesses and individuals have donated desserts tonight to assist in         generating more funds in the bake sale and auction.

Some of the wonderful baked items were baked at home with lots of love and care.       Those are the ones that will probably bring in the highest bids.

We hope you all got something you like.  We thank you for bidding to help raise   more money for Dixon Family Services.

Thank you so much to:

Patty Richards

Linda Veatch

Dave Johnson

Sarah and Donny

Angela Meisenheimer

Cookie Powell

Sam’s Club

Jerry and Anna Castañon

Tanyah and Donny Everhart

Roxy Sanders

Patty Sousa

Ranay Singh

S&F Sweets

Misty and Bob Parker

Debra Moore

Laura Ziegler

We apologize if we forgot to mention anyone.

The following are some of the announcement made at Comedy Night by our warm and lovely Master of Ceremonies, Sheila McCabe:

You may have noticed that Comedy Night is also sponsored by many businesses by filling our placemats. Each of them has contributed to the cause with business card sponsorships. Please help us thank:
Kevin Johnson and Remax Gold Real Estate
Mayor Thom Bogue
Ron DuPratt Ford
Dixon Florist and Gifts
Aggie Animal Clinic
The Dixon Tribune
Higby’s Country Feed
Les Schwab Tires
The Printing Shop
Dixon Veterinary Clinic
Dynamic Healing Massage Therapy
Central Auto Parts
Almond Tree Mortgage
Clip-N & Groom-N
Jeannie Faller, CPA
Barrett-Leber Realty

• A special thank you to Angela Meisenheimer Faira Realty- she reserved not one, but two tables
• Another special thank you goes to Jerry Castañon and Doctor Peter Timm forproviding the $200 cash door prize.

The following are some of the announcement made at Comedy Night by our warm and lovely Master of Ceremonies, Sheila McCabe:

“The Dixon Family Services Board of Directors also functions as the Comedy Night Planning and Organizing Committee. Let’s thank them all for another successful event tonight.

The Board Members are
Sarah Villec
Mathew Swanson
Jack Caldwell
Jerry Castañon
Laura Ziegler
Donny Everhart
Patti Sousa
Ranay Singh”
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
“Dixon Family Services thanks all of their wonderful sponsors tonight
They are very important partners in the mission of improving lives of people right here in our community of Dixon.

These are tonight’s major sponsors at the $1,000 level
Patty and Mark Richards
Dixon Wellness
Travis Credit Union
California Water Service Company
Coldwell Banker Kappel Gateway Realty
Altec Industries
Dixon Financial and Insurance Services

At the $500 level we thank
The VFW Post 8151
SafeQuest Solano
Anna and Jerry Castañon
First Northern Bank
Martin’s Steel Works
Jim Lindley

We could not provide this event without our long-time partners and supporters –
• Recology for providing the wonderful dinner
• Bud and Cherie Fanning for the beautiful hall
• Mike Hamilton and his sons for barbequing the best tri-tip in town
• Kay Cayler who is the best raffle prize ticket seller in Dixon.