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The mission of Dixon Family Services is to improve the quality of life for all families and individuals in our diverse community. Our intervention and support services are strengthened by cooperation with the schools, churches, businesses and the community.

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Letter to the Editor

Thank you letter to the Editor

July 27, 2017

Dear Editor,

Comedy Night at the Olde Vet’s Hall was a huge success thanks to our generous community and hard-working volunteers.  My heart is warmed by caring citizens who want to be a part of our mission to improve lives of people living in Dixon.  Raising funds is vital to keeping Dixon Family Services’ doors open and there are many to thank for being supportive of those efforts.

Our small but fearless Board of Directors pulled off another successful event, along with our partners, Recology and Bud and Cherie Fanning, owners of the Olde Vet’s Hall.

Local businesses and organizations Dixon VFW Post 8151, CA Water, Altec, Dixon Rotary, First Northern Bank, Travis Credit Union, Cache Creek Casino and Dixon Wal-Mart all pledged sponsorships to help the fundraising event get a good start.  Other revenue came in from sponsorships of our placemats, ticket sales and raffle.  People who attended opened their wallets and gave freely.

The numbers have been crunched and the profit is $8,000 for Dixon Family Services to augment our many programs.  But even before money was counted we were calling Comedy Night 2017 a big success simply because everyone had a great time!!

All were happy and laughter was the theme of the night.  Our comedians were top notch and the humor was tasteful and VERY funny.  Sheila McCabe and Jack Caldwell were the sweetest emcee duo I have ever seen.   Bud’s bar provided excellent service at reasonable prices. 

The scrumptious tri-tip dinner was prepared and served by an effective team of Recology employees and Mike Hamilton.  The meat was tender and delicious!  Side dishes were also very yummy.  The food service was swift and generous.  People were encouraged to come back for seconds.   Slices of homemade cake were served for dessert.  By the time the comedy began everyone’s bellies were full.

Before the comedy a story about a young woman who needed help at a crucial time in her life was told.  The story can be read in its entirety on the Dixon Family Services website.

Then a surprise guest who also utilized Dixon Family Services support system at a low point in her life came to the microphone and shared her story.    Both of the people with the stories to tell came out on the other side of their situations in a much better place and both have been generous and giving members of our community ever since.  This all helped people better understand why Dixon Family Services is vital to our community.

After the Comedy Show, thanks to big-hearted donors there were so many raffle and auction prizes that calling out all the winners seemed endless.  There are so many to thank for this successful Comedy Night and Dixon Family Services’ website www.dixonfamilyservices.org has the entire long list.

The hard work, dedication and comradery of the Comedy Night Team made it such a pleasure to be a part of from start to finish.  We will begin work on the next Comedy Night soon.  Anyone that would like to join our committee is encouraged to call.  We need your help.  Thank you.

Sincerely, Cookie Powell


Dixon VFW post 8151
Bud’s Pub & Grill
Travis Credit Union
Dixon Rotary Club
California Water Service
First Northern Bank
Cache Creek Casino


Algood Ink Tattoo
Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria
Atkinson’s Self Storage
Bella Moda Boutique
Burger King
Cenario’s Pizza
Costco Wholesale
Crocker Art Museum
Curves for Women
Dixon Hardware & Lumber
Dixon Tire Pros
Fisk’s Cyclery
Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park
In-N-Out Burgers
Jack Caldwell
Jerry and Ana Castañon
Jess Jones Farms
Jon and Betty Cox
Kay and Russ Cayler
Maria’s Mexican Restaurant
Napa Auto & Truck Parts
Natural History Museum of LA
Pedrick Produce
Pizza Guys
Ruhstaller Beer
San Francisco Zoo
Scandia Family Fun Center
Sisters Hair Boutique
Superior Farms
Taco Bell
Teri Osterman Brown
The Sacramento Zoological Society
Thornton & Sons
Vacaville Ice Sports
Wal-Mart Dixon
Winchester Mystery House
Wooden Valley Winery
Woodland Opera House
5 Star Car Wash


Barrett-Leber Realty
California Water Services
Central Auto Parts
Dixon Florist & Gift Shop
Dixon Les Schwab
Dixon Rotary Club
Brian Gustfson /Farmers Insurance
Hancock & Faller CPA
Kevin Johnson / ReMax Gold
Marianne MacDonald /Coldwell Banker
Mayor Thom Bogue
Kelly Nixon Construction
Recology in Dixon
Olimpia Garner /State Farm Insurance
The Dixon Tribune
The Printing Shop


Dixon Rotary
California Water Service
Angela Meisenhiemer
Rupert and Becky Whatley
Don Ritchey Family
Dixon Family Services


Sarah Villec
Jon Cox
Matt Swanson
Jack Caldwell
Brad Harms
Jerry Castañon


James and Marge Litsinger
Marime and Tom Burton
Dixon Soroptimist
Scott Pardini, Julia Lopez and All of the Wonderful Recology Volunteers
Mike Hamilton and BBQ Crew
Kay Cayler
Sheila McCabe and Jack Caldwell
Steve Lorente
Jackie Powell-Hogg
Rich Mason
Flor Echeverria
Maria Peralta
Maria Ortega
Julia Guzman
DFS Thrift Store
Dixon Florist and Gifts
Dixon Tribune
Steven B.
Nick Larson

Sally’s Story

Sally was only 22 when she gave birth to twins and she was an emotional wreck. Her on-again, off-again abusive relationship with the babies’ father had deteriorated over 5 years. Her hope that he would change and her love for him clouded her better judgement.
But he could not stop his rage and abuse because alcohol had control. He was not the same boy Sally fell in love with at the age of 17.
Now she had two precious little girls depending on her to snap out of it, leave and start over. The fear of financial hardship, the worries of taking care of two babies all alone, the dread of loneliness and being at her lowest self-esteem ever all caused Sally to be overwhelmed.
Encouragement from family and friends convinced Sally she deserved better and she finally said enough! It’s over.
Sally’s mother and 4 older siblings all were there for Sally and the babies. Even though all had moderate incomes with children of their own, they did as much as they could to help.
Sally fought through her sadness and loneliness with help from her supportive family. Home visits by the Public Health Nurses, getting connected to the WIC program, Food Stamps and Medi-CAL Program all became a temporary support system for Sally and the girls.
She worked at two different jobs. Grandma babysat or they went with Sally to work. By the time the girls were 3 Sally had an apartment and began socializing again.
When the girls were 5 Sally married a good man who adopted the girls and became their father. He provided what they needed – a stable income, employer health care coverage and a loving, happy home.
Their family expanded with the birth of another daughter and a son. Sally appreciated her happy life even more because of the hard years she had experienced.
Once the youngest was a teen Sally ventured into a career of social work in her 40s. Sally had a unique understanding about those who struggle with poverty, family abuse, domestic violence, drug addiction, alcoholism and the many other circumstances that can create a need for support. At that point in time they need encouragement and a pathway to self-reliance once again.
The benefit programs that Sally utilized for almost 4 years were lifesaving and humbling. She realized that having children to feed, to clothe, to keep safe and healthy, allows a young mother to accept help even if it is something she had never done before.
Sally is one of many people who needed help from a variety of resources at one time in her life. She allowed herself to accept it and she came out on the other side better and stronger, with empathy and determination to use her experiences as a way to help others realize that
• There is hope
• We all have an inner strength we didn’t know about and
• It is OK to accept help during tough times

This true story about Sally happened some years ago. If Sally came to Dixon Family Services today we would be able to support her in all those ways and much more.

Over the years the programs and services at Dixon Family Services have increased and changed to fit the needs of our diverse community

Today we have Family Case Management that includes goal setting, budgeting, financial literacy, parenting classes and more.

We also have access to programs for rental assistance, utilities assistance, and a food pantry that enables us to give supplemental groceries. We provide mental health and substance abuse counseling.

Our newest program is the Strengthening Fathers Program that is similar to Family Case Management but with a focus on Fathers who want to increase and improve their relationships with their children and wives

We need your support. Even though our dynamic Board of Directors accomplishes a great deal, it is small, and we are always looking for good people to join us in our mission to improve lives.


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