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The mission of Dixon Family Services is to improve the quality of life for all families and individuals in our diverse community. Our intervention and support services are strengthened by cooperation with the schools, churches, businesses and the community.

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Report to the Community


From Cookie Powell, Executive Director


Established in 1984, Dixon Family Services (DFS) has grown in services as well as target populations to include people of all ages, with a special focus on low-income families with young children.  We strive to reduce incidences of child abuse or neglect by decreasing some of the worries parents increasingly face on a daily basis. 

Our programs now include:


  • Mental Health Continuum of Care, covering counseling, substance abuse services, support groups, parent education, anger management and other behavioral health for all ages
  • Family Case Management, with action plans and support over periods of time necessary to accomplish steps and goals specific to the needs of each individual case
  • Basic Needs Safety Net Services such as food, rent and utilities assistance
  • Workshops and Peer Support Groups for job readiness, budgeting/saving and other topics
  • Information and referrals for people who want to find help/resources


Our vital community-based organization continues to impact many families and individuals in a positive way, helping people achieve goals such as employment, financial stability, self-sufficiency, family cohesiveness, positive parenting, escape from domestic violence and clean/sober living. 

Many are now active, productive and giving members of this community



In the calendar year 2017 DFS assisted 1,568 people in services and program appointments or sessions.  We took an additional 2,640 phone calls from people in the community seeking information and referrals for themselves or their loved ones.


Dixon is a small community on the edge of Solano County, with limited public transportation to other cities.  So, in order to provide easier access to government programs for the people in our community, Dixon Family Services acts as a one-stop-shop of social services providing space for programs such as WIC (Women, Infants, and Children), CalWORKs, Medi-Cal, Cal-Fresh, Section 8, Covered California, Legal Services of Northern California, EITC Free Tax Program and the Solano Food Bank Produce Truck.  These additional programs and services are in Dixon at DFS regularly for the convenience of people who need them in our community.


In addition to DFS services 2,587people came to DFS to seek help from the above government and private agencies that use DFS office space and parking lot space to serve people in Dixon.  To further assist, Readi-ride tickets and home visits can be provided to those with barriers to coming to DFS.



We are able to provide assistance needed by families and individuals at Dixon Family Services on a case-by-case basis thanks to our many supporters.  The Solano County Board of Supervisors, First 5 Solano, Kaiser Permanente, Genentech, The Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, foundations, local churches, businesses, schools, service organizations and many individual donors are all helping us in our mission to improve lives in our community. 

We thank everyone who supports our good work in any way.  There is no gift too small.  We know that not everyone can be a social worker, but everyone can help. Go to our website for a list of donors and other supporters



We have many success stories

A single mother came to us with stress and questions stemming from a child custody battle with the father of her 6 year old son.  She expressed that she was fearful of harming her son’s well-being while he could hear and see the negative interactions with the father.  During the assessment process the client and case manager identified strengths as well as limitations that were causing her to feel overwhelmed and they created a list of realistic steps to take.  From seeing an attorney at DFS from Legal Services of Northern California, she was referred to an effective family lawyer that was able to help with her legal concerns.  She met with a Dixon Family Services therapist over 3 months and developed her own inner strengths, improved her self-esteem and assertiveness while also learning effective parenting skills in the weekly sessions.

The case manager helped her apply for assistance programs that she had not known of before.  With applications to programs HEAP and Season of Sharing, she was aided in payment of rent and utilities for a month, helping her to get caught up on other bills.  She was also provided with a list of all local food resources that now helps her stretch her food budget substantially. 

When this client felt ready to move on after her time spent with DFS staff, she said to us that before coming to DFS she would have never believed she could handle all life was “dealing her”.  She was ready to be a better parent, more budget-minded, happy and optimistic about a good future for herself, her son and the possibilities that could be in their future.

We see her sometimes on Wednesdays when she is picking up free bags of produce from the Food Bank Truck in the DFS parking lot.  She always has positive up-dates and attitude.



We did not make a lot of money but we were very happy that we were making enough to pay the rent, utilities and several staff salaries to keep the store open.  The best part of the DFS Thrift Store (and we hear this so often from community members) is that we were providing a much-needed service to our community.  In our town there are many people who can no longer afford to shop at the malls or big department stores for their household items and clothes.  The DFS Thrift Store was a solution.  Those who love to search for items to repurpose or refinish also enjoyed perusing the thrift store regularly.  People who want to make a difference in their own community liked having the option of dropping off gently used items to be sold at the thrift store.  And dozens of good people were able to make a difference as volunteers.


We thank all the people who shopped, donated, volunteered or gave support in any way throughout our 4 years in business.  We agree that the store was a great asset to our community and if another appropriate space opens up, we want to start again.  We would love to partner with another organization, church or other non-profit.  If anyone out there is interested in a discussion, please call.  


FREE TAX PREPARATION is back at DFS, Wednesday afternoons through tax day in April.  To schedule an appointment or learn more call DFS at 678-0442 or look on our website for the Earn It! Keep It! Save It! Flyer.  Please help us spread the word about this free service at Dixon Family Services.  Thank you.


IN CONCLUSION it is always a pleasure to report to our partners, supporters and the community at large about Dixon Family Services and the good work we do.  Again, we cannot do it without community support.  We thank all who contribute to our successes.

If you would like to know more about DFS, our services or how you can help please call 678-0442 or email  cookie@dixonfamilyservices.org.  You can also learn more at www.dixonfamilyservices.org

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