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The mission of Dixon Family Services is to improve the quality of life for all families and individuals in our diverse community. Our intervention and support services are strengthened by cooperation with the schools, churches, businesses and the community.

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Family Case Management

Our Self Sufficiency Case Management Program is designed to help low-income families and individuals who are in need of help and support to aid them through rough times.

During assessment the Case Manager gathers information about Applicant’s history, financial resources, and other existing resources such as family, friends, and benefits the client may qualify for. The Client is expected to provide documentation and verification of their income and all members of the household. Honest and complete answers to all surveys, assessments, and history are needed for best results.

Once eligibility of the applicant is determined and there is a clear understanding of the Client’s situation, an Action Plan is developed by Case Manager and Client. The Plan consists of short-term and long-term realistic, feasible and measurable goals that are specific to the Participant’s needs.

Steps and goals can include application to benefits the client may qualify for, follow-up on referrals to other helping agencies, job development and search, budgeting, finding affordable housing, family counseling, support group participation, substance abuse treatment, attendance at life skills workshops and other training.

Client is expected to meet periodically to talk about successes and barriers to Action Plan goals. Case Manager uses the Family Development Matrix tool to measure progress at several different times over the course of the Case Management process.  We will also review Client’s Action Plan, monitor progress, and determine when client is ready to graduate the program.

The overall goal of the Self-Sufficiency Program is to provide support, guidance and encouragement to families and individuals in need, while they are working toward Self Reliance and Independence. We strive to improve the quality and productivity of participants’ lives, thereby promoting Self-Sufficiency. Typically Case Management is a comprehensive process that involves many components. Failure to comply and participate in each step of the process will limit a client’s success. We ask that Participants of the Case Management Program make a commitment to take positive steps toward Self Sufficiency.

As there is a great demand for our services, there are some instances in which a Client’s case will be put into inactive status. Examples include Client failure to follow-up on referrals, refusal to apply to benefits and/or other helping programs, failure to take steps that are spelled out in Action Plan, missing appointments with no notice to agency, missing Life Skills Workshops, and/or food distributions without a valid reason.  Also sometimes we need to graduate Clients out of the program because of the need to open space for more people to come onto the program. Our own resources are often stretched to the point that we must limit the time for a Client’s case to continue to be open. After reviewing certain cases, the Case Managers may send a letter of completion explaining that the Client’s case is being closed. This does not prohibit people from coming to us at a later time if they have another situation in which our support services can be of help.