Dixon Family Services Report to the Community, Things That Happened in 2021 – pt.1

Dixon Family Services Report to the Community,

Things That Happened in 2021


Part 1, Opportunities to Make a Difference for Those Struggling


As you know, years 2020 and 2021 were challenging for many parents who found it hard to provide their families’ most basic needs of rent, utilities, food and other household necessities.  Hope for the end of coronaviruses has gone through several highs and lows.  We all prayed that the “crazy” would stop.  But now here we are, going into 2022 with yet another “gut punch” called Omicrom.  And we just heard of yet another strain.


There are still so many households who are either newly affected, or who are in a slow recovery phase from the early Covid-19 or Delta viruses.  Intensified by the fact that costs for everything needed to sustain a family is now higher with inflation, it is a real fight for survival for too many.  We fear that 2022 may be our biggest challenge yet.  But, again, Dixon Family Services will continue to do all we can, with the help of this community’s love and generosity.


We consider our work to improve lives with our safety net services to be a group effort of DFS’ dedicated staff, devoted volunteers and our bighearted donors.  All members of our team are vital to our successful interventions and supportive services.  We are all partners in our mission to improve lives and our over-arching goal to keep children safe and healthy.  Together we make differences for many.  While some are simple solutions and not very complicated, some are as significant as preventing a family from homelessness and hunger.


In 2022 we renew our commitment to do as much as we can, for as many as we can, for as long as we can.  This requires the continued commitment of many partners, as well as the search for new partners to join the team.  Please contact us if you want to join us.  Visit our website, www.dixonfamilyservices.org,  DFS Facebook and Instagram to learn more about our organization.  Please Note: we do not respond to questions or comments on our social media.  We use it to get information out to the public, but not as a form of back-and-forth communication or to schedule appointments. To reach us email info@dixonfamilyservices.org or call 707-678-0442.  We look forward to hearing from you.