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The cardinal bird is covered in red feathers representing Cardinal Health employee donations.

Carissa Parfet and Amanda Moe presented Cookie Powell of DFS with a $940 donation that came from an employee raffle to raise funds for Dixon Family Services.

In April Cardinal Health Employees, organized by Sr. Coordinator, Amanda Moe, decided to put on an internal raffle to raise money to donate to Dixon Family Services.

“Our goal was to raise $200, and we ended up raising $940!!”  Exclaimed  Amanda Moe.  She and her fellow employees were very excited to make the donation to DFS.

Thank you so much to Cardinal Health employees for your generous donation to help DFS serve people in need in the community of Dixon. 


Every November Dixon Buckhorn Bar & Grill hosts the Turkey Bowl with the fees for participation and turkeys are donated to Dixon Family Services.
This year’s event brought us $400 in cash and 15 turkeys!!
Pictured: Buckhorn owner, Rich, DFS case manager Martha and DFS E.D. Cookie


This week Dixon Family Services had a visit from a Dixon Girl Scouts Troupe

Scout Leaders and Several Parents.

The troupe had arranged the first-ever postage stamp drive for our organization.  At the beginning of their visit I showed them a box full of stuffed envelopes we will soon be sending out to people and businesses to let them know about our upcoming annual fund raising event, Comedy Night.  I thanked them for their contribution and explained that something like stamps is a great example of a way anyone could help us reduce our “costs of doing business” so that we can use more of our revenue for helping people in our community in need of our services.

The girls were interested in why some people in Dixon need our services.  There was a question and short explanation about homelessness.  I explained as best I could at a level of their understanding.  I am usually talking to prospective grantors or donors and go into much more details about the lifelong consequences on children living in poverty like disparities in how children learn; behavioral problems; physical problems like asthma, obesity, language development and increased risk of injury; mental health problems from the toxic stress associated with poverty; and overall well-being as studies show that poverty is the biggest threat to children’s well-being and can have lifelong affects.

Before our scheduled meeting and tour of Dixon Family Services (DFS) I looked on the internet “Ways to Discuss Poverty with Children”.  I wanted to keep in mind that I would be telling these elementary school children about services we provide for issues they might not understand or have ever even thought about.

Some of the things I read in articles on the subject of discussing poverty are worth repeating here to readers who also might have to explain poverty and its affects to their children.  There are situations that will spark their curiosity and it’s good to be prepared to give responses at a level appropriate for their age.

Holding conversations about poverty can be an opportunity to educate our children as well as time to foster compassion for others.  When a child understands a little more about why some people live differently, she/he may have more empathy for people who experience poverty.

An article suggested that rather than bring up the subject of poverty out of the blue, look for opportunities to bring it up naturally.  Be prepared for the tough questions.  At some point, your child will notice their peers are living in poverty. 

They may ask you questions such as “Why does Suzy wear the same dress to school every day?”, “How come that woman is asking people for money?”, “Why isn’t that man wearing any shoes?”, or “Joey says he gets free lunch at school.  Why?” 

When your child asks questions, it’s a sign they are ready for more information and it’s important to give age-appropriate responses.  Kids don’t understand money or economics.  A commercial about child hunger may spur an innocent question like “Why don’t their parents go to the grocery store and buy them more food?”  At ages between 5 and 8 kids are ready to hear a simple explanation like, “Some people aren’t able to earn enough money to buy food or a home to live in.”  No need for lengthy explanations about factors such as disabilities, substances, livable wages or a poor economy. 

Conversations like that can usually wait until the Tweens or Teens.  They are probably ready to discuss factors that contribute to poverty such as the income gap between rich and poor people; lack of jobs that pay adequate wages; lack of education; high costs of healthcare and childcare; substance abuse and mental health; disabilities; divorce and other situations that can make it very hard for people to get out of poverty.

Some other important information I took away from the articles I read included how you talk to your children and things that you do will send a message about people living in poverty.  For example, if you walk past a panhandler without making eye contact, your child may assume homeless people are beneath you, so it’s important to explain why you don’t give strangers on the street money.  Say something like, “I don’t give people money because I’m not sure how they’ll spend it.  But I might buy them some food sometimes.”  Or, explain that you donate money to programs that help homeless people have food to eat and shelter to stay in.

Donating money to a charity may not teach your child much about helping others.  But, involving them first-hand in helping people in need could help them gain a better understanding of poverty.  We can all get our children involved by asking them to donate some of their toys or unused clothing to others whose parents may not be able to buy those things for their children. 

Or when writing out a donation check tell them why you are doing it.  Bring your child when you are dropping things off to local charities.  When children see that they can take steps to make a difference, they may feel inspired to perform more acts of kindness in the future. 

I am in my late 60’s but I can still remember my mom and dad doing volunteer work, helping our neighbors and sharing our extra fruits and vegetables with them when I was a very young girl.  I believe it is never too early to expose children to charitable acts.

I believe each of the girls and adults from that Girl Scout troupe who visited Dixon Family Services now have a much better understanding of why they even decided to have a postage stamp drive.  I really felt good about our visit and I think they all enjoyed it too. 


Cookie Powell

Purchase Tickets and More

Every November Dixon Buckhorn Bar & Grill hosts the Turkey Bowl with the fees for participation and turkeys are donated to Dixon Family Services.
This year’s event brought us $400 in cash and 15 turkeys!!
Pictured: Buckhorn owner, Rich, DFS case manager Martha and DFS E.D. Cookie

Donate / How to Help
-Community Support is Essential to our Success-

Dixon Family Services provides help for families and individuals experiencing difficult times.  We see an increase in needs at the same time that funding resources have decreased. 
We look to the generosity of this community for support to keep our doors open.
Together we can make a difference!!

How to Help:  Financially

  • Write a check payable to DFS. Mail or drop off.  DFS 155 North Second Street, Dixon, CA 95620
  • Credit Card, PayPal and other methods on website or Facebook page, click on DONATE icon
  • Payroll Deductions through your employer, United Way or other charitable giving programs
  • Sponsor or partially sponsor a particular program you have interest in. Perhaps a service provided to you or someone you know in the past at Dixon Family Services
  • Memorial Contributions in the name of a loved one
  • Legacy gifts – put us in your will or estate plan

How to Help: As a Volunteer or Project for a group

  • Be a member of a Fund Committee – Comedy Night and other fund raising endeavors
  • Board of Directors – committed to meetings, representation and support for DFS and its programs
  • Coordinate and facilitate informative workshops – something you have expertise in
  • Yard or rummage sales, food or paper products drives with DFS as beneficiary
  • Donate food, office supplies, diapers, paper products and other supplies needed by clients or agency
  • Host a small or large fund raising event for DFS, such as a car wash, yard sale, rummage sale, spaghetti dinner, barbeque, bake sale, etc.
  • Special building maintenance and landscaping projects
  • Sponsor one of our operating expenses for the year. Examples include utilities (electricity, water, sewer and garbage), office supplies, liability insurance, phone/internet service, pest control or other operating cost

How to Have a Food Drive or Other Products Drive
– It’s Easier Than You Think
A Food Drive can be as large or as small as you are comfortable with. Consider how much time and effort you can afford as well as how many helpers you will have… (more)

A Wagon of Cereal
One day last week the most adorable young brothers, Cash and Brock Alarcon, showed up at Dixon Family Services. They pulled a wagon filled with boxes of cereal …(more)

Dixon Family Services’ Community Partners

  • Advocates for Dixon Seniors
  • All Dixon Schools
  • All Dixon Churches
  • California Water Service Company
  • Children’s Network
  • Church of St. Martin
  • City of Dixon
  • Dixon Chamber of Commerce
  • Dixon Downtown Business Association
  • Dixon Family Practice
  • Dixon Fire Department
  • Dixon Kiwanis
  • Dixon Library
  • Dixon Ministerial Assoc
  • Dixon Police Department
  • Dixon Rotary Club
  • Dixon Soroptimist
  • Dixon Teen Center
  • Dixon Wellness
  • FEMA
  • First 5 Solano
  • First Northern Bank
  • Genentech
  • Help Me Grow Solano
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Neighborhood Christian School
  • Recology
  • Solano Community College
  • Solano/Contra Costa Food Bank
  • Solano County Board of Supervisors
  • Solano County Child Abuse Council
  • Solano County Child Support Services
  • Solano County Health and Social Services
  • Solano County Office of Education
  • Solano Family Justice Center
  • Solano Transportation Authority
  • Travis Credit Union
  • United Way Bay Area
  • United Way Capitol Region
  • VFW Post 8151
  • Workforce Development Board
  • Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation


Dixon Family Services thanks all the wonderful people who showed up on Saturday to spruce up our landscape. It took only two hours but each and every one of us was sweaty, sore and proud after the work we did. Representatives of Dixon LDS Church, Living Hope Church and the Community Church joined people representing the Community at Large and it was a beautiful coordination of Good People who care about our community.

Drive by some time and admire how much better our yards look. We do have a future plan to purchase some lantana plants and we will need a crew to dig holes for those. Let me know if you’d like to be part of that effort.

We may need to hold a fundraiser or ask for donors to be able to purchase the plants. DFS does not have it in our budget at this time.

Thank you SO MUCH!
Sincerely, Cookie Powell



The 2020 DFS Donors

Acosta, Rita
Adams, Sally and Bob
Aggie Animal Clinic, Dr. Jeep Roemer
Aguiar-Curry, Assembly Woman Cecilia
Altec Industries
Alvares, Barbara and Michael
Andrew, Mary and Dennis
Arias, Oscar
Arnold, Heidi and Eric
Asay, Donna
Atkinson, Alicia
Atkinson, Debra
Avina, Natalie
Bailey, Clint
Baker, Linda and Burton
Ball, Elizabeth and Bob
Ballance, Jennifer and Dennis
Baltz, Stephanie and Kenneth
Barret, Linda
Basinger-Kelly, Glenda
Batchelor, Mary Lou and Jack
Beaman, Janice and Steve
Beckworth, Barbara
Berger, Patricia and Stephen
Best Western
Blythe, Frances
Brazelton, Elizabeth
Bud’s Pub and Grill
Burkhardt, Linda and Larry
Burton, Marime and Tom
Burton, William
California Water Service
Calpine Foundation
Campbell, Elsie
Caramanica, Gwendolyn
Cardinal Health
Castañon, Anna and Jerry
Cayler, Kay and Russ
Chavez, Kelly
Chung, Robert
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Church of Saint Martin
Cogburn, Shirley
Coldwell Banker Kappel Gateway Realty
Cornett, Andrea
Coulter, Melinda and Pernell
Cox, Betty and Jon
Cozzoli, Pamela
Cross, Lois and Herb
Curves Dixon
Dage, Lisa and Christopher
Daubert, Dana and Chris
Davidson, Debbie and Stuart
Demary Chiropractic, Carla Demary
Detar, Patty and Cliff
Deusenberry, Deena
Dixon Booze Fairies
Dixon Hardware & Lumber
Dixon Landscape Materials
Dixon Lions Club
Dixon United Methodist Church
Dixon Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Peter Timm
Dixon Women’s Improvement Club
Donoghue, Wendy
Dotal Inc dba Gran’pa Don’s Sales
Dudley, Robyn and Ian
DuPratt, Jacky and Ron
Durfee, Susan and Dr. Philip
Edson, Ellen and Richard
Ernest, Autumn
Evans, Kim and Kelley
Everhart, Tonyah and Donny
Fadhl, Sylvia and Jon
Families Helping Families
First Northern Bank
Fish, Regina and Nathan
Fletcher, Virginia
Flores, Gloria and Sigfredo
Flynn, Susan
Fountain, Lauri and David
Fowler, Deborah and Ronald
Fuchslin, Richard
Fuller, Janet and Rick
Galindo, Sally and Michael
Galloway, Suzanne and Jay
Garcia, Carmen and Earl
Gardere, Sylvia and Anthony
Garrity Enterprises, Lea Garrity
Giarritta, Dennese and Michael
Gnos Bros, Inc
Gnos, Rosemarie
Gone Fishin’ Marine
Goodland, James
Griffey, Pam
Guinasso, Ann
Hales, Diane and Dr. Stanton
Hall, Susan
Hancock & Faller CPAs, Jeannie Faller
Hankins, Antonio
Hartsough, Linda
Hatfield, Davina
Heeney, Cindy and Kevin
Heeney, Mary and Edwin
Hom, Carole
Housing American Families
Hulbert, Fay and Jerry
Johnson, Carla and Kevin
Jones, Debby
Jones, Kathy
K.J. Real Estate, Kevin Johnson
Kaiser Permanente
King, Alice
Kirchgessner, Kathy
Kiwanis Club of Dixon
Knights of Columbus
Kogler, Ronda
Kraak, Sharon
KUIC 95.3 and John Young
Larin, Tim
Lebco Construction Inc., Brett Leber
Les Schwab Tire Center Dixon
Lessa, Judy
Lieb, Sandra
Litsinger, Marjorie and James
Liu, Michel
Long, Barbara and Richard
Lower, Nancy
Lucky Em’s Nail Salon
Manprin, Alyssa
Market Wine & Spirits
Martin, Heidi and Daniel
Maurer, Kathleen
McMahon, Janis and Brock
Meisenheimer, Angela and James
Milgard Tempering in Dixon
Mill Station Veterinary, Dr. Jason Bravos
Modar, Shawn and Jim
Morris, Cathy and Peter
Network For Good
Nichols, Juanita and M.L.
Nicodemus, Pat
Nonprofit Insurance Alliance of CA
O’Connor, Willeah and Vernon
Osborn, Dee and Don
Ours, Marian
Paul, Lorraine and Bil
Payne, Jeff
Pease, Alison
Pierce, Lois and Paul
Pothier, Mary Ann
Powell, Cookie
Powell, Jackie
Powell, Judy and Roy
Preston, Gail
Quiroz, Alma and Miguel
Reckner, Janyne
Reeb, John
Richards, Patty and Mark
Rogers, Valerie
Ron DuPratt Ford
Rotary Club Dixon
Russ, Katheryn and Adam
Sacred Heart Institute No.141, Y.L.I.
Salad Cosmo U.S.A.
San Francisco Foundation
Sandoval, Christine and John
Schneider, Colleen and James
Schroeder, B.
Schwab Charitable
Senecal, Carrie andThomas
Setka, Jose
Shaw, Julie
Shepard, Joan
Smith, Ann
Smith, Mollie and Tad
Solano Community Foundation
Soroptimist Dixon
Sousa, Patti
Spraktes, R.L.
Spridgen, Kathy
Staniels, Jeff
State Council on Development Disability, Lisa Hooks
State of California
Stevens, Dorothy and James
Stringer, G. and O.Y.
Tipton, Sandra
Torres, Ismael
Trapani, Laura
Travis Credit Union
Tribbett, Mary and Ron
Tryba, Stacey and Tony
Tully Consulting Group
Valle-Easley, Laura
Van Curen, Beverly
Van Sant, Vicki, Ernie, and Kris
Vanetti, Jeanie
Vega, Marlene and Gil
VFW Post 8151
Villec, Sarah
Vista Del Sol Apartments, Dan Figueroa
Vogel, Cynthia
Wallace, Roberta
Walther, Dennis
Warnken’s Farm, Sandra and Eric Warnken
Watts, Carol and Jack
Wells, Nancy
White, Terri
Wilder, Michelle
Wiley, Dorothy
Wolfskill Energy Center
Wooden Valley Winery
Woody, Pattie and Rodney
Worden, Nancy and Duaine
Wright, Tim
Yokom, Patricia
Your Cause
Your Home Nursing Services

Donations 2019

• 5-Star Car Wash
• A Street Deli
• Acosta, Rita
• Aggie Animal Clinic
• Algood Ink Tattoo
• Alliance of California Insurance Dividend
• Almond Tree Mortgage
• Altec Industries
• Amazon Smile
• Anderson, Patricia and Kevin
• B’s Gallery
• Ball, Elizabeth and Robert
• Barrett, Linda/Barrett-Leber Realty
• Basinger, Lynn
• Batchelor, Marylou and Jack
• Beckworth, Barbara
• Ben Romero Memorial Contributions
• Benefield, Joyce and Larry
• Berger, Patricia and Stephen
• Black Bear Diner, Davis
• Bravos, Jason /Mill Station Veterinary
• Brenden Theaters, Vacaville
• Brian Gustafson/Farmers Insurance
• Buckhorn Bar & Grill, Rich Lavalle
• Bud’s Pub & Grill
• Burton, Marime and Tom
• Burton, William
• California State Railroad Museum
• California Water Co.
• Castañon, Ana and Jerry
• Cayler, Kay and Russell
• Cenario’s Pizza, Dixon
• Central Auto Parts
• Chick Fil-A
• Church of Saint Martin
• Clip-N & Groom-N
• ColdWell Banker Kappel Gateway Realty
• Costco Wholesale
• Cox, Betty and Jon
• Crocker Art Museum
• Cross, Lois and Herbert
• Dawson’s Bar and Grill
• Dependable Heating & Air
• Detar, Patty and Cliff/ Detar Livestock
• Dixon Financial Insurance
• Dixon Florist and Gifts
• Dixon Hardware & Lumber
• Dixon Kiwanis
• Dixon Lions Club
• Dixon Rotary Club
• Dixon Soroptimist
• Dixon Tire Pros
• Dixon Tribune
• Dixon Veterinary Clinic, Peter Timm
• Dixon Wellness
• Du Pratt, Jackie and Ron
• Durfee, Susan and Phillip
• Dutch Bros, Dixon
• Dynamic Healing and Massage
• Faller, Jeannie/ Hancock and Faller CPAs
• Fenton’s Creamery
• First Northern Bank
• Fisk’s Cyclery
• Fletcher Trust
• Fletcher, Virginia
• Fuller, Janet and Rick
• Funderland Amusement Park
• Galindo, Sally and Michael
• Genentech
• Gilroy Gardens
• Griffey, Pamela
• Hanna, Gladys
• Hartsough, Linda
• Higby’s Country Feed
• Ikelman, Donna and Bob
• Imagine That! Vacaville
• In-N-Out Burgers
• Johnson, Carla and Kevin
• Kaiser Permanente
• Kirchgessner, Kathy
• KJ Real Estate/ReMax Gold
• KUIC 95.3
• Leber Construction, Inc
• Les Schwab, Dixon
• Lindley, Jim
• Litsinger, Marjorie and Jim
• Long, Barbara
• Lucky Em’s Organic Nail Bar
• Martin’s Steele Works
• McKenzie, D.E.
• McMahon, Janis and Brock
• Meisenheimer, Angela and James
• Morris, Cathy and Peter
• Napa Auto & Truck Parts
• Neighborhood Christian School
• Neri Family
• Network for Good
• Nicodemus, Patricia
• Osborn, Dee and Don
• Osterman-Brown, Teri
• Paul, Lorraine and William
• Peppermill Reno
• PG&E Employee Giving
• Pierce, Lois and Paul
• Pothier, Mary Ann
• Powell, Cookie
• Powell, Roy
• Preston, Gail
• Ramtown Karate
• Recology
• Richards, Patty and Mark
• Rockin’ Jump in Vacaville
• Ron Pratt Ford
• Sacred Heart Institute YLI
• Safe Quest Solano
• Safeway, Dixon
• Salmons, Susie and Warren
• Sandoval, Ana
• Sandoval, Christine and John
• Setka, Gail and Jose
• Sierra Ridge Wealth Management
• Slaughter, Chelsea and James
• Smith, Ann
• Solano Community Foundation
• Spraktes, RL
• Sturgeon, Dave
• Subway, Dixon
• Superior Farms
• Technical Systems Incorporated
• The Printing Shop
• Tony Sanchez Memorial Contributions
• Tractor Supply
• Travis Credit Union
• Tribbet, Mary and Ron
• United Methodist Church
• United Way Bay Area
• United Way Capitol Region
• Vacaville Ice Sports
• Valenzuela, Anna
• Veatch Linda/Sister’s Hair Boutique
• Vergara Family
• VFW Post 8151
• Villanueva, Elena
• Villec, Sarah
• Vitello’s Cleaning Service
• Vogl, Cynthia
• Walker, Joyce and Ronnie
• Wal-Mart, Dixon
• Watts, Carol and Jack
• Wells, Nancy
• West Coast Fab Inc.
• William H Cilker Foundation
• Wooden Valley Winery
• Woodland Opera House
• Woodland United Way
• Worden, Nancy and Duaine
• Yokom, Patricia

Donations 2018

  • Aggie Animal Clinic
  • Algood Ink Tattoo
  • Alkar Human Resources
  • Altec Industries
  • Alma and Miguel Quiroz
  • Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria
  • Ana and Jerry Castañon
  • Ana Sandoval
  • Angela and Samantha Remides
  • Ann Smith
  • ASAP Fitness
  • AT&T Employee Giving
  • Atkinson’s Self Storage
  • Atlantis Casino Resort & Spa
  • Barbara Beckworth
  • Barrett-Leber Realty
  • Ben Romero
  • Best Western Plus Dixon
  • Betty and Jon Cox
  • Brenden Theaters Vacaville
  • Brian Gustafson/Farmers
  • Buckhorn Bar & Grill, Rich Lavalle
  • Bud’s Pub & Grill
  • Burger King Dixon
  • Cache Creek Casino
  • California State Railroad Museum
  • California Water Co.
  • Carla and Kevin Johnson
  • Carl’s Jr.
  • Carol and Jack Watts
  • Cathy and Peter Morris
  • Cenario’s Pizza Dixon
  • Central Auto Parts
  • Chris Ayala, Pacific Cycle Inc.
  • Christine and John Sandoval
  • Church of Saint Martin
  • Clip-N & Groom-N
  • Colusa Casino Resort
  • Cookie Powell
  • Costco Wholesale
  • Crocker Art Museum
  • Curves/ Jenny Craig Dixon
  • D.E. McKenzie
  • Dave Sturgeon
  • Dawson’s Bar and Grill
  • Dee and Don Osborn
  • Dependable Heating & Air
  • Detar Livestock
  • Disneyland
  • Dixon Financial Insurance
  • Dixon Florist and Gifts
  • Dixon Hardware & Lumber
  • Dixon Kiwanis Club
  • Dixon Landscape Materials
  • Dixon Language Center
  • Dixon Lion’s Club
  • Dixon Rotary Club
  • Dixon Tire Pros
  • Dixon Tribune
  • Dixon United Methodist Church
  • Dixon Veterinary Clinic, Peter Timm
  • Dixon Wellness
  • Donna and Bob Ikelman
  • Dutch Bros Dixon
  • Elizabeth and Robert Ball
  • Elizabeth Richards
  • Fairytale Town
  • Family Christian Center
  • Fenton’s Creamery
  • First Northern Bank
  • Fisk’s Cyclery
  • Frances and Henry Barraza
  • Funderland Amusement Park
  • Gail and Jose Setka
  • Gail Preston
  • Genentech
  • Gilroy Gardens
  • Gladys Hanna
  • Gloria and Sigfredo Flores
  • Gnos Family
  • Hancock & Faller CPA
  • Heidi Arnold
  • Higby’s Country Feed
  • Imagine That! Vacaville
  • In-N-Out Burgers
  • Jackie and Ron Du Pratt
  • Janet and Rick Fuller
  • Janis and Brock McMahon
  • Jelly Belly
  • Jess Jones Farms
  • John Reeb
  • Joyce and Larry Benefield
  • Joyce and Ronnie Walker
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Karen Castelli
  • Kathy Kirchgessner
  • Kathy and Jack Caldwell
  • Kay and Russell Cayler
  • Kelly Nixon Construction
  • Kevin Johnson/ReMax Gold
  • KJ Real Estate
  • Lebco Construction, Inc
  • Les Schwab Dixon
  • Linda and Laurence Burkhardt
  • Linda Hartsough and Cynthia Vogl
  • Lois and Herbert Cross
  • Lois and Paul Pierce
  • Lorene Allio
  • Lorraine and William Paul
  • Lorraine Tanguay Memorial
  • Marianne MacDonald/Coldwell Banker
  • Marime and Tom Burton
  • Marjorie and Jim Litsinger
  • Marlene and Gil Vega
  • Mary and Ronald Tribbett
  • Mary Ann Pothier
  • Mary, Edwin, and Kevin Heeney
  • Mary Lou and Jack Batchelor
  • Max Smith Memorial Contributions
  • Mayor Tom Bogue
  • Melissa and Peter Glide
  • Mill Station Vet, Jason Bravos
  • Nancy and Duaine Worden
  • Nancy Wells
  • Napa Auto & Truck Parts
  • Natural History Museum Los Angeles
  • Neighborhood Christian School
  • Nugget Market Vacaville
  • Oakland A’s
  • Olimpia and Jason Garner/State Farm
  • Operation Gobble, CA Water
  • Patricia and Kevin Anderson
  • Patricia Nicodemus
  • Patricia Yokom
  • Patty and Clifford Detar
  • Patty and Mark Richards
  • Pedrick Produce
  • Pizza Guys Dixon
  • Recology
  • Rita Acosta
  • Robben Ranch, Gene Robben
  • Robert Adams
  • Rockin’ Jump in Vacaville
  • Ronald Pratt
  • Rosemarie and Ernest Gnos
  • Roy Powell
  • Sacramento Zoological Society
  • Sacred Heart Institute YLI
  • Safeway Dixon
  • Sally and Michael Galindo
  • San Francisco Zoo
  • Sarah Villec
  • Scandia Family Center
  • Scott Winslow
  • Sisters Hair Boutique
  • Solano Community Foundation
  • Soroptomist Dixon
  • 5-Star Car Wash
  • Subway Dixon
  • Superior Farms
  • Susan and Phillip Durfee
  • Susie and Warren Salmons
  • Suzanne and Jay Galloway
  • Taco Bell Dixon
  • Technical Systems Incorporated
  • Teresa and Richard Castanias
  • Teri Osterman-Brown
  • The Printing Shop
  • Thornton & Sons
  • Travis Credit Union
  • United Methodist Church
  • United Way Bay Area
  • United Way Capitol Region
  • Vacaville Ice Sports
  • Venis Boyd-Jones
  • Vitello’s Cleaning Service
  • VFW Post 8151
  • Vicki and Ernie Van Sant
  • Virginia Fletcher
  • Wal-Mart Dixon
  • West Coast Fab Inc
  • William Burton
  • William H Cilker Foundation
  • Winchester Mystery House
  • Wooden Valley Winery
  • Woodland Opera House
  • Woodland United Way



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