Dixon Family Services Report to the Community, Things That Happened in 2021 – pt.2

Part 2, The News Was Not All Bad, Some Very Good Statistics


In Calendar Year 2021 the DFS Food Pantry provided $27,885 total value in food and other goods to people struggling to meet their basic needs: Groceries = $22,625, Grocery Store Gift Cards = $3,050, Gas Cards = $1,450, and Diapers = $760.  We also gave out unknown total amounts of value in Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Detergents, and other household necessities.  This was all made possible by generous donors, partner agencies and numerous food drives.  Additionally, our long-time partners, the CC/Solano Food Bank, have been providing wonderful fresh fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat and dairy foods to anyone who comes to our parking lot on the first and third Wednesdays of each month.


Our Basic Needs Program was able to cover payments to landlords for past-due rents and to utility companies for electric, water, phone, internet and sewer bills.  Total amount paid in 2021 for rents was $34,466.55 and the total for utilities was $11,977.09.  The financial support came from the DFS budget, (strongly supported by foundations and individual doners), as well as from basic needs fund sources such as FEMA, United Way Bay Area, California Family Resource Association, Yoche Dehe Wintun Nation, Kaiser, Genentech, San Francisco Chronical, The Church of Saint Martin and many generous individuals, businesses, churches, and organizations.


These numbers and dollars do not include the dozens of households we assisted in application to the government programs, Emergency Rental Assistance Program from the Federal government and Housing is Key from the State of California, to pay several months’ rent for people who got behind due to circumstances related to Covid-19.  We have no way of quantifying it exactly, but we do know that they were paying for up to 6 months’ worth of past-due rent and utilities to landlords and utilities companies for successful applicants.


Our excellent service delivery was thanks to our dedicated staff members who have stretched themselves, working long hours, advocating for the clients and never giving up on the complicated application processes to government programs and benefits.


When many other businesses and organizations closed or morphed into a virtual delivery of services, Dixon Family Services has remained open and accessible with just a few minor adjustments.  Those seeking our help must call and get scheduled for an appointment and some of the assessment process is now done by phone or email, before an in-person meeting takes place.  This is all for the safety of everyone involved.  Since the pandemic began, we do not serve anyone on a walk-in basis.