Dixon Family Services Report to the Community, Things That Happened in 2021 – pt.3

 Part 3, Some Prideful Times and New Endeavors at DFS in 2021


First Ever Drive-thru Fund Event for DFS

The pandemic and related restrictions created the need for us to do drive-thru distributions of food, face masks, hand sanitizers, toilet paper, diapers, gift cards, detergents and other household necessities on several occasions.  Covid-19 restrictions were also the reason we had our first ever drive-thru fund event, Drive and Dine for DFS. 


The event was a collaboration of many good volunteers from the Lions Club, Rotary Club, DFS Board of Directors, local business sponsorships and people who purchased dinner tickets and raffle tickets.  Drive and Dine for DFS generated $14,000 in profit, a lot of volunteer comradery and a chance to say hi and thank you to many supporters who drove thru our back alley to pick up their dinners.  We consider the event a great success.  We might do another one in 2022 if we’re not able to plan an indoor event like Comedy Night.


Santa Came to DFS, Thanks to Ron DuPratt Ford

Another highlight of 2021 was in December when Santa Claus came to DFS, sat in our lobby for several hours to greet and visit with children of the community.  That day was not only responsible for many big eyes and smiles from small people.  DFS and Ron DuPratt staff members and parents were also touched by the joy of the season and the magic of Santa Claus.  We sincerely hope he will stop by again in December 2022.


Citizen of the Year, Sarah Villec

We cannot finish this summary of good news highlights of 2021 without talking about Sarah Villec, our Board of Directors President, being honored by all local, state and federal officials and the Dixon Chamber of Commerce as Citizen of The Year!   Several news articles re-capped her life as a business leader and a community volunteer.  You can see some of the stories about Sarah on our website, www.dixonfamilyservices.org


Never fading in her dedication and support for Dixon Family Services, Sarah is currently recruiting to fill some vacant positions on our Board of Directors.  We are hoping that our in-person meetings may resume by March.  Good people who believe in what we do for families and children, willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved at the Board level, should call Sarah at 707-678-5594 or email her at advertising@dixontribune.com

She will explain how important it is to represent our organization, fund raise, solicit for additional support/partnerships, and spread the good word/educate fellow citizens about DFS’ purpose and why we are vital to a healthy community.


In Summary

We look forward to continued relationships that enable us to assist more families this year and beyond.  Whether you are a donor, volunteer, advocate, partner organization or supporter in some other way – we appreciate you and consider you a valuable member of Team DFS!    We are all a partnership of compassionate human beings who desire to help those less fortunate than ourselves.


These last two years have been more challenging than usual, but at the same time, the support for Dixon Family Services as a method to be “part of the solution” has grown immensely, and it is our honor and privilege to pass on your generosity to people who need it.


If you want to join the Team DFS Partnership, please contact us at info@dixonfamilyservices.org or 707-678-0442.  Learn more about us at www.dixonfamilyservices.org and on DFS Facebook and Instagram.