Dear Community,

With the new guidelines we all have been asked to follow, Dixon Family Services has no choice but to postpone our annual event, Comedy Night, originally scheduled for April 17.  We had been holding out hope that the virus counts would stop rising and related restrictions might be lifted in time for mid-April, but as of this weekend, the new rule is that any gatherings of 50 or more over the next 8 weeks must be postponed or cancelled.

We are optimistic that the virus situation will end soon, especially now that we are all doing our parts to lessen its spread.   After we get the OK to have gatherings again, we will pick another date, perhaps in summer, for Comedy Night but that is all up in the air right now.  We would love to announce a new date, but given all that is involved in having an event like Comedy Night, it will be some time before we are able to set a new date.  We appreciate everyone’s patience and your continued support of Dixon Family Services.

At this time we must focus on the services we can provide to help people in our community affected by the Covid-19 crisis.  For many people living paycheck to paycheck, right now is a critical time for the types of services we can provide.

In addition to our normal resources for providing basic needs and referrals to benefits available, we may soon also be working with FEMA to provide rental assistance to those affected by Corona virus and in need of assistance at this time.  We will post any updates about that as things progress in that regard.

At this time we are expecting our clientele to expand to people who have never needed any type of assistance before because there are so many of us, unfortunately , that can be so negatively affected by missing one paycheck, and it is highly likely that many will miss several paychecks in this Corona Virus situation.

As always, and especially now, we can use financial donations so that we can continue to provide services to people in Dixon living at or below poverty.  Feel free to send in a donation at any time to DFS 155 N. 2nd Street, or use Pay Pal on our website www.dixonfamilyservices.org to donate with a credit card.

Now more than ever we all need to keep in touch with loved-ones and neighbors, especially if they are older and more vulnerable due to existing medical conditions or other weaknesses.  Reach out to ask people you care about how they are doing.  If you are going to the store, ask others if they would like you to pick up some items for them as well.

Dixon Family Services can take calls and emails from people asking for resources for themselves or their loved-ones.  If you or someone you know is unsure of what social services are available, we are happy to help.  Often times the help that people are seeking is available right here under our Dixon Family Services roof.  If not, we can refer people in the right direction.  Feel free to give people our number 707 678-0442 (leave a message with a good number to call back if we do not answer) or email us at info@dixonfamilyservices.org

On behalf of the Dixon Family Services staff, board and most importantly, the people we serve, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT!

Sincerely, Cookie Powell