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Wish List of Projects at Dixon Family Services

Over the years, from time to time, we get calls from church groups or service organizations that are looking for a community service project.  They ask if there is something they can do for Dixon Family Services.  With the nice weather here now, we decided to make a list of current needed projects, and we encourage those who might be interested to contact us.

To be clear, we are only looking for groups who will commit to coming on a scheduled date to do the work. It is our expectation that the solicitation of volunteers for the projects will be done by whatever group or organization is interested in heading up and completing the jobs.  We do not have a volunteer coordinator, so a person in the leadership role of a group interested should meet with DFS Executive Director to discuss details of the project, and then supervise the other volunteers of the group.

Please call or email to schedule a meeting to discuss your intentions and our expectations.  Thank you.

Fence in Front and on South Side – 200 feet, 3.5 feet high, & 3 gates

For the security and sanitation of the property.

This job will need to be done by someone with fence building experience, preferably a contractor in charge of an experienced work crew.

Surveillance Cameras – On all sides of building – purchase and installation

For the safety and security of our staff and the building. To reduce incidences of dumping large items in the back of the building.  If we can see who is doing the dumping, we can call police.

Systems can be purchased at Costco, Home Depot, Sam’s and other large stores.  Installers from the store where purchased can be paid to install, or there may be volunteers that are experienced and capable to do the installation.

New Signage – Back side of the building, and in front of our rollup door

Purchase and install large signs, easy to read, in English and Spanish to warn people from dumping, smoking, urinating, loitering, trespassing, parking, etc.  With signage and surveillance cameras we have a much better chance of police involvement when violations occur.

Remove Dumpster Enclosure – Demolish and remove materials

This is an urgent sanitation issue.  It is not being used by DFS as we have not had the large industrial sized dumpsters for many years and currently it is being used as an outhouse for male tenants of the apartment building next door.  It is a job that could be done by any volunteers that can swing a sledge hammer and load up debris.

Landscape Refresh – all sides of the building

We hope to get this job done before May Fair week so the property looks clean and tidy.  List of tasks can include to trim bushes, remove weeds, garbage, rake mulch.  South yard – cut down ivy and trees growing over from next door property.  North side – clean up the small patio.  Back – sweep cigarette butts, power wash cement.

In total, this is a 2–3-hour project for a group of 4-6 people that can bring their own tools, equipment and energy.

Paint Building Exterior – replace dry rot, remove damaged trim, power wash, new paint on exterior of the building

A professional painting company will be needed or retired painters that want to volunteer.

Drainage Work in Back of Building – bad slope

Because of the bad slope rain water builds up by inches along a section of the building in back, instead of draining away from the building.  The water can take several days to dry up and we’re concerned that it is not good for the building’s integrity to have that water build up over several days.

This will likely require professionals or City of Dixon staff to perform needed work.

Toilets – 2 Need Replacement, 2 Need Repairs

We need to replace one ADA toilet and one regular toilet.  Also, we need to rebuild a tank on a toilet and to pull and reset a toilet.  It is a total of 4 toilets that need work.

This project would require a plumber or handyman with plumbing experience to perform needed work.

These are the most pressing and necessary jobs at this time.  Of course, after 25 years, the Air Conditioning and Heating units are old and not efficient.  DFS usually has to pay for some work on the units each year to keep them running.

The Carpet could use Replacement, the interior Walls could all use New Paint but all in all, the interior is doing pretty well and it is our hope to accomplish all of the above outdoor projects, before starting on indoor projects.

Those who want to support any project and do not have experience or ability to volunteer, can do so with monetary donations.  Most of these projects are going to require we purchase some materials and some of them will require that we pay professionals for labor.

Contact Cookie at cookie@dixonfamilyservices.org or 707-678-0442 for more information.  Thank you for your interest in helping DFS.