May the Fourth be with us as the community is very supportive of the upcoming Dixon Family Services (DFS) fund raising event, DRIVE AND DINE FOR DFS.

This is our first attempt at doing a “drive-thru” event to raise much-needed funds.  We welcome all who would like to help.   Come to the meeting if you can.  Give us a call or email ahead of time so we know about how many to expect.  Thank you.


The planning meeting is at Dixon Family Services at 4 PM on Tuesday, May 4.  If you cannot make the meeting, but want to help, please contact Cookie at 678-0442 or or Sarah at 678-5594 or stop in at the Dixon Tribune.


Due to Covid-19 DFS has had to cancel plans for our signature event, Comedy Night for the 2nd year in a row.

Also due to Covid-19 the need for services provided at DFS over the last 14 months has more than doubled.  ESSENTIAL to many who live in Dixon, we have remained open throughout the pandemic.


Tickets to Drive and Dine for DFS are a $35 donation and include a fantastic Barbeque Dinner, a chance to win a cash door prize and 10 complimentary raffle tickets.  Dinner tickets can be purchased at Dixon Florist and Gifts, Dixon Tribune or Dixon Family Services.  We are also happy to put them in the mail to you.


People have asked if they can purchase raffle tickets to increase their chances of winning prizes and the answer is yes.  Call 678-0442 or email by the day before the event.  Raffle tickets are $3 each, $10 for 4 or $20 for 10.  This is another great way to support the fund raising effort if you’re not interested in the full meal ticket deal.


We have a wonderful assortment of raffle prizes thanks to local donors like Pam Griffey, Superior Farms, Nugget Market, Sally and Bob Adams, Scandia Family Center, Fairytale Town, In-N-Out Burger, KUIU, Wooden Valley Winery and we are expecting many more to come in before the May 21 event.   Please contact us if you want to donate a prize.  We are happy to pick it up.


Please feel free to join the list of fantastic businesses, organizations and individuals with a sponsorship.  So far we have sponsorship pledges from The Lions Club, Rotary, VFW 8151, Cache Creek Casino, Tully Consulting, The Printing Shop, Mary and Dennis Andrew, Roberta Wallace, Your Town Monthly, Dixon Tribune, Chavez Transport Inc. and we are hearing from new silver and gold sponsors each week.   A Silver Sponsorship is a $500 donation and Gold is for a $1,000 donation.


We have also been blessed with varying amounts of donation checks from community members and businesses to help us make a nice profit from this event.  We are so very grateful to everyone who helps us with the Drive and Dine and to all donors throughout the year.  We could not do all we do to help people in need without generous community members who support our good work.


Please if you know of someone struggling with their basic needs of rent, utilities, food and other essentials due to Covid-19 or other unexpected financial hardship, ask them to call or email Dixon Family Services to see if we can help.  Thank you.


To learn more about Dixon Family Services, Drive and Dine or how to help, please visit our website  On our Facebook page you can click on our events tab and photos tab to learn more.   You can call 707-678-0442 or email to ask questions and to purchase tickets.


Dixon Family Services has a banner in front of the building with blue pinwheels spinning in the spring wind during the month of April as one way to remind people that April is Child Abuse Awareness Month and that there are things we can all do to reduce and prevent child abuse and neglect.

This past year with the Coronavirus pandemic “Shelter in Place”, school closures, and other restrictions, unfortunately, we fear that there may be additional circumstances in homes that can trigger abusive behaviors.

Losses of jobs, financial stress, children and parents having to stay at home during times they would normally be in school or at work,  being “on edge”/anxious about what comes next,  increased consumption of alcoholic beverages and other substances, are just a few of the conditions we believe can lead to abusive environments.

As a community we have a responsibility to nurture and protect our children and help ensure they become healthy and productive adults.  Child abuse, in its many forms, happens every day and has major impacts on the futures of those victimized.

Studies show that there is a direct link between child abuse and a greater risk later in life of depression, alcoholism, drug abuse, smoking, eating disorders, obesity, sexual promiscuity, certain chronic diseases and suicide.

Dixon Family Services (DFS) is a community-based Family Resource Center.  Our non-profit organization does all it can to help ensure the safety and well-being of Dixon’s children all year long.  With a special focus on low-income families with children, a priority goal is to reduce the incidences of child abuse or neglect by decreasing some of the basic needs worries and stressors parents increasingly face on a daily basis, especially when living on insufficient incomes.

Though our main focus is on households living at or below poverty, we want to be clear that child abuse knows no boundaries and is found in families of all socio-economic backgrounds and cuts across lines of ethnicity, culture, and education.

There are a number of factors that can create increased risk of child abuse including lack of parenting skills, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, mental illness, poverty and substandard housing conditions, domestic violence, and a parent history of child abuse.  These same risk factors can be barriers to abusers’ acknowledgement of the problem and ability to seek programs/services intended to stop the abuse such as parenting classes, counseling or other approaches.

Do not hesitate to report what you think might be abusive behavior to local police or county child protective services.  Let professionals determine if your concerns are worth investigation.

For more information about child abuse, ways to help prevent it, and how to report it, we suggest you visit the Children’s Network website, or Partners in Prevention website , or call Solano Child Welfare Services 1 (800) 544-8696.



We have our sign-up dates scheduled and they are from Wednesday December 2 through Thursday December 10.  Those interested should call DFS to schedule an application appointment with a DFS case manager.  Application assessments will be done on an appointment basis and can take from 20-30 minutes.  Please wear a mask and if possible, do not bring children with you to the assessment.


Due to Covid-19 we do not accept walk-in clients, so please call to make an appointment or to ask any questions.  Thank you.


Our program is for Dixon families who have children 0-18 living in the household.  When you call for an appointment we will explain any documentation that you will need to bring to your appointment with you.  Please call us at 707 678-0442 or email us at to find out more about the Dixon Family Services Holiday Food Program.


Distribution will take place on Wednesday, December 16.  All food for the program comes from donations by churches, businesses or individual community members; from local food drives and purchases at the CC Solano Food Bank with donation checks from people who want to help in stocking our DFS Food Pantry shelves for the holidays.  Call DFS if you want to help.


In November and December we plug in our large freezers to accept turkeys and other meats that are donated by individuals, businesses, churches and other groups.  Some local businesses have established some very interesting and fun ways for their patrons to participate in the giving spirit, such as the Dixon Buckhorn and their Annual Turkey Bowl. 


Some local large companies, such as Altec give turkeys to their employees and also provide them the option of donating their turkey to DFS for our Holiday Food Program.  All turkeys, hams and other large roasts are very much appreciated by the families we serve.


Dixon Family Services also tries to be aware of and will pass on information about other holiday food and toys programs in our area so that families can get signed up for as much help as they can.  We welcome churches or other organizations that are providing a holiday program of any kind to reach out to us and let us know how to apply.


If we know the requirements and application processes for other local programs we can tell the people who call us.  We can also post information and flyers on our Facebook page.  We believe it takes community cooperation by all entities to provide the best service opportunities for those we all strive to serve. 


This holiday season is especially important to help families struggling in light of the Covid-19 challenges so many are facing.


For more information about the Dixon Family Services Holiday Food Program, how to sign-up or how to help please call us at 707 678-0442.  Leave a message if we are not available when you call, or email